How Oncontractor works

  • Post

    Post a project or tell us your position requirements

  • Shortlist

    View AI-driven shortlisted candidates

  • Engage and work

    Engage and commence work on your project

  • Project Complete

    Provide feedback on contractor's performance

  • Profile

    Setup your profile so our system can match you to opportunities

  • Match

    We match you to employers who match your skills

  • Engage & work

    Engage and commence work on the project

  • Project Complete

    Get paid, receive feedback and look for more opportunities

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Industry agnostic, including:



Health Care

Oil & Gas


A platform for growth

We understand the frustrations of 'old-school' recruitment, and have used our experience to design a platform that simplifies your world.

The Oncontractor platform gives you total control, and as well as our AI-driven simplified recruitment process, we also manage other aspects of the employment engagement, such as:

  • PAYG, superannuation and payroll tax management
  • Fair Work Act and NES compliance
  • Leave management and accruals
  • Payroll management, incorporating multiple Awards and Enterprise Agreements

Essentially, we're able to act as your contractor's employer and manage all aspects of the employment arrangement.

Simplify your world and join Oncontractor today.


Save your business time and money, while
getting better match rates than your competition.

Reduced Costs

Average of 40% saving in team and project costs.

Less Admin

Short and simplified experience to save you time.

Enhanced Compliance

Automated certification checks using our custom integration engine.

Continuously Evolving

Custom built, integrated AI-engine provides best possible match rates.

Employer FAQs

Employee FAQs

For non-site or enterprise agreement roles or projects, you can accept the proposed rate or you can propose your rate or salary. The client can counter offer and you can negotiate via the live chat function.
For contract or contingent projects/jobs, OnContractor will pay you. We pay on a fortnightly basis.
Only if you are engaged on an ABN/ACN basis. This can be negotiated.
In some instances, yes. This will be outlined in the project scope.
We work with companies of all sizes. Speak to us about your project needs.
Our talent hives are grouped into trades, contingent trades and skilled, technical white collar (e.g., engineers, project managers), and grey collar/operations support (e.g., Estimation, project coordinators)
Contingent, contract and permanent.
This is up to you and your project requirement.
This will depend on the category. Contact us here for a standard rate table.
We invoice fortnightly in accordance with our payroll and accounts cycle. Payment terms are negotiated depending on volume and duration of your partnership with Oncontractor.
Workers compensation, professional indemnity, public liability
It is your responsibility to have non-disclosure and confidentiality contracts signed off with contractors. We can do this on your behalf if it is set up with us.