The founding members of Oncontractor used their shared experiences and frustrations of typical recruitment and workforce management practices as the catalyst to create something better.

Oncontractor is that something better. An easy to use, technology based recruitment platform that reduces cost and time wastage while giving you the ability to manage your end-to-end workforce experience.

Benefits of using Oncontractor

It is an "all in one" solution that benefits both clients and candidates

Oncontractor, via the Hiremii Platform, provides clients with a service offering that simplifies the labour hire processes and provides candidates with a tool that matches their skills and experience with appropriate employers and positions.

From a client's perspective, the value proposition includes the following key attributes:

  1. provides clients with control and flexibility when engaging candidates;
  2. removes the requirement for clients to undertake searches, via multiple job boards and job advertisements, that may be costly and time consuming;
  3. lowers the cost of labour hire for clients looking to outsource employment practices and reduce risk;
  4. undertakes automated candidate verification checks, by validating a candidate's email address and phone number, and can also perform ID check and working rights check via the National Crime Check (NCC) to ensure each candidate is verified and has the right to work within Australia;
  5. simplifies the candidate sourcing process by providing a single and intuitive user interface, via the Hiremii Platform; and
  6. less administrative burdens and reduced costs for clients utilising the Labour Hire Business, as the Company can manage all aspects of the employment relationship via the provision of the Additional Services.

From a candidate's perspective, the value proposition includes the following key attributes:

  1. a candidate signs up and creates their profile only once (with the ability to update their profile as and when they see fit);
  2. once a candidate is registered on the Hiremii Platform, the Hiremii Platform will automatically and continuously match their profile to any available suitable positions/scopes; and
  3. the removal of unconscious bias in the candidate shortlisting process.

Meet the team

Leadership team

Ildiko Wowesny

Ildiko Wowesny


Ms Wowesny has over 20 years’ experience in finance and operations management beginning at Deloitte and moving on to listed and unlisted mining and oil & gas companies both nationally and internationally. Ms Wowesny has a double major in accounting and finance and is CPA qualified. She has significant experience as a director, chief financial officer and company secretary of several ASXlisted companies. Ms Wowesny is experienced in developing and implementing financial controls and processes within companies and has developed strong management and leadership skills through her role as a Company Secretary. Ms Wowesny is currently a Director, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary of the Company. Ms Wowesny will resign and cease to be a Director on Admission.


Conor O’Brien

Conor O’Brien


Mr O’Brien is a founder of the Company. Mr O’Brien is currently the managing director of a specialist international oil and gas labour hire company Rigforce. Prior to this, Mr O’Brien was a lawyer practising in taxation and commercial law. Mr O’Brien holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Western Australia. Mr O’Brien has experience in high growth businesses across a range of commercial, human resources and industrial relations matters.

Chris Brophy

Chris Brophy


Mr Brophy has more than 15 years of senior leadership and consulting experience, specialising in strategy, portfolio growth and financial and operational restructuring. Mr Brophy holds a Masters of Business Administration, a Masters of Science in Mineral and Energy Economics and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Mr Brophy previously held the role of maintenance services director for the TRACE JV. TRACE JV is Broadspectrum’s joint venture with Actemium providing INPEX maintenance services to support the operation of the Ichthys LNG onshore facilities in Darwin. Mr Brophy also previously held the role of Woodside Offshore Portfolio Manager, being responsible for the overall management and day-to-day operations of Woodside Energy Portfolio incorporating approximately 250 employees responsible for maintenance operations and brownfields implementation, was the non-executive director of Vysarn Limited (ASX: VYS) and a director at Pentium Hydro.