How to be mobilisation ready

5 Dec 2019

I’m writing this for the workforce. Guys and gals, you need to take this into your own hands!

I’ve been doing this recruitment and mobilisation thing for almost a third of my life and I am constantly frustrated at the inefficiencies in the mobilisation and onboarding process. Why are we so inefficient after so many years of mobilizing people to all the mines and platforms? The answer is not enough teamwork between us and our contractors and candidates, and fragmented internal systems.

We need you to lead us into the light. Let’s work as a team, save time and do fun things with our time. Not too much fun for you, you still have to pass your medical.

Here’s how to be mobilisation ready:

1. Scan (in colour) or take a photo of the front and back of your:

  • Trade certificate if you have one
  • Trade or job related certificate
  • Other professional certificates or diplomas you have
  • High risk card
  • Site specific induction cards (e.g. RTIO cards)
  • Drivers licence
  • All your other work related cards, you get the idea

Save it to a USB drive or your desktop.

2. Go to and create a profile.

3. Click “Verify” then “Add Certificate” to add all the documents and cards you saved before.

4. Go through the prompted steps. To make it even faster and easier to get yourself mobilized first, add your references.

5. Upload your resume

Voila! These will be verified and you’re ready.

Why will this make you look like a star candidate??

**You can share your profile link with recruiters and they can access the verified documents and your resume in one simple action.**

How else is MyPass impactful for your career? If you fill in your details correctly, recruiters will find you and send you invitations to apply for their jobs. Yes, the jobs will come to you. When you are on a project that you’ve applied through MyPass, your calendar will block out those dates. So it’s also a personal work management tool for you.

If you work in mining, oil & gas or construction and you don’t have a MyPass profile, you are behind the eight ball. This is the way of the future. This is your ticket to regular work engagements.

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– Stay safe.