In The Spotlight // A Career Change

6 Dec 2019

Hi All,

I’m Georgia and I have been the Operations and Delivery Coordinator since January 2019. Since joining the team at the start of the year, I have been entirely drawn in by OnContractor’s ambitions and solutions.

This role found me at a time where I was searching for a new direction. During my studies towards my Bachelors of Education, I spent time volunteering in rural communities and foreign cities tutoring children and teenagers. Since graduating as a teacher, full time employment was challenging to come by. I spent the next years working mostly as a casual, in both Perth and Adelaide, before finding myself in the middle of another summer holiday break. This is when OnContractor stepped in and offered growth, opportunity and stability.

Coming from early childhood education, I have learnt to anticipate the unexpected. Rather than endlessly head counting, to make sure I haven’t lost a child, I find myself endlessly rescanning comm platforms to make sure no messages have slipped through the cracks. Rather than throwing my voice across a room of fifty 5 year old’s, I’m bouncing between individuals; clients, teams and candidates, to find the ideal fit for all. Rather than triple checking that each of the students have their hats, sunscreen, and water bottle; I’m checking compliance, screening, and references. So although moving from education to operations and recruitment may seem like a jump, the skills have proven interchangeable.

Working for a start-up has been an exciting experience, I am thrilled to be a part of a growing team and to watch our goals come to life.