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How Oncontractor works

How Oncontractor works

  • Post

    Post a project or tell us your position requirements

  • Shortlist

    View AI-driven shortlisted candidates

  • Engage and work

    Engage and commence work on your project

  • Project Complete

    Provide feedback on contractor's performance

  • Profile

    Setup your profile so our system can match you to opportunities

  • Match

    We match you to employers who match your skills

  • Engage & work

    Engage and commence work on the project

  • Project Complete

    Get paid, receive feedback and look for more opportunities

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Benefits of using Oncontractor

It is an "all in one" solution that benefits both clients and candidates

Oncontractor, via the Hiremii Platform, provides clients with a service offering that simplifies the labour hire processes and provides candidates with a tool that matches their skills and experience with appropriate employers and positions.

From a client's perspective, the value proposition includes the following key attributes:

  1. provides clients with control and flexibility when engaging candidates;
  2. removes the requirement for clients to undertake searches, via multiple job boards and job advertisements, that may be costly and time consuming;
  3. lowers the cost of labour hire for clients looking to outsource employment practices and reduce risk;
  4. undertakes automated candidate verification checks, by validating a candidate's email address and phone number, and can also perform ID check and working rights check via the National Crime Check (NCC) to ensure each candidate is verified and has the right to work within Australia;
  5. simplifies the candidate sourcing process by providing a single and intuitive user interface, via the Hiremii Platform; and
  6. less administrative burdens and reduced costs for clients utilising the Labour Hire Business, as the Company can manage all aspects of the employment relationship via the provision of the Additional Services.

From a candidate's perspective, the value proposition includes the following key attributes:

  1. a candidate signs up and creates their profile only once (with the ability to update their profile as and when they see fit);
  2. once a candidate is registered on the Hiremii Platform, the Hiremii Platform will automatically and continuously match their profile to any available suitable positions/scopes; and
  3. the removal of unconscious bias in the candidate shortlisting process.